The Best Roofing Sales Process

When a homeowner says, I want to think about it, do you ever wonder what is it they exactly need to think about?

I wanna think about, it could mean there’s no way I’m buying from these guys. I just want them to leave. Or it could mean something just isn’t lining up for me, so I’m gonna say, I want to think about it for now

when this happens. What they’re saying without saying it directly, is that they have unanswered. . The challenge is that they’re most likely responding unconsciously. They may not even be aware of what the questions are or even that they need to be answered. They’re just responding emotionally to a feeling that they aren’t confident in making a decision.

So most salespeople not wanting to be pushy, simply comply and give them space to think about it and leave.

But since the homeowner isn’t sure about what it is they’re specifically needing to sort out, they typically start getting more estimates, talk to friends and coworkers until eventually they have enough information gathered to make a decision.

Adding all these additional variables can dramatically reduce your chances of making the sale unless your price vary inexpensively. This is not the strategy of a successful organization and wants to be able to scale afford marketing the best benefits their team members, et c.

To be successful at sales, you need to have a process that answers and educates the homeowner in a way that answers all of the questions that they are aware and not aware of, so they can make a confident choice while you’re there with them.

We’ve found that regardless of what anyone buys, there are four questions that need to be answered before someone pulls the trigger. To increase your odds of success, you want to incorporate all of these four questions and answers into your sales process and address them all.

Number one, why do I need it? Kind of like a doctor’s visit. Most visits are exploratory to see if something’s actually wrong. We don’t care about treatment unless we know there’s an actual problem . We also want to know how bad is it? If it’s minor, maybe we can delay taking action if we’re in danger or could be soon, we’re more likely to have more urgency to get the issue resolved now.

Number two, what do I do about it? Once you believe that you have an issue that needs to be dealt with, the next thing we wanna know is what do I do about it? What are my options for solving the. , what kind of product or service do I need to make this go away or be fixed permanently? What are the quality choices and variations

At this point, once you narrow down the kind of product needed, you might inquire about different options depending on the kind of consumer that you are, you might need to know everything that’s out there or be satisfied with just the basic details.

Number three is who do I get it from? Once you know what you need, then you need to figure out who do you get it from. The first question might be, where do I buy it? If it’s a product, you need to figure out where to source it from. If it’s something like a service, you might need to know who can competently perform the service needed, who can complete the work in a way that meets my expect.

Your sales process needs to show the reason why you’re up to the task and how you’re different and better than the competition.

Number 4. When do I buy it? Once we know we have an issue, we know what treatment or solution we want and we know who we want to provide it. We just have to decide when do I buy it? Factors that go into this might be, is it emergency that needs to be dealt with now, or is it something that can wait? If there’s a real problem and you’ve done a good job of communicating the issue to them, more people will be motivated to buy.

Now, is there a benefit for doing it now? Most people are procrastinators by nature, so they may need a nudge or a good reason to take action. Now you wanna build this into your sales process. Another thing they may be thinking is, how am I gonna pay for it? What are my options for payment?

When you answer all these questions, the homeowner will often buy because their questions are all satisfied and they want to get going on, fixing their roof and protecting their home. When you don’t answer these questions, you’ll likely hear objections like we’re going to need to think about it because there are unanswered questions that are tripping them up and preventing them from making a decision.

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Congratulations! You are among the few in our industry who are not too proud to seek out knowledge to improve their company!

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