4 Reasons Why You Can’t Grow or Scale Your Roofing Business

Are you a frustrated roofing company owner who’s trying to grow, but no matter how hard you work, it’s like there’s this glass ceiling that you can’t seem to break through. You can see other companies who are able to add talent to people and grow, but you just can’t seem to figure out what the secret formula is.

There are many, many variables to building a company that can grow and scale at will in the roofing industry that make it more. compared to many other industries, we’ve got a lot more moving parts, and if you’re using your own employees instead of using subs, it’s even more complex. Here are the four reasons roofing contractors struggle to grow.

Number one, no marketing plan. If your company was a car, marketing would be your fuel. Without it, you’re not going very far. We talk to contractors every day who make big plans to grow, but when we ask them how they plan to get the new leads that will fuel their growth, most contractors have no. Not only do they have no plan for where the leads will come from, they have no idea how many they need, when they’re gonna need them, how much they might need to spend in order to achieve the growth that they have planned.

Because of this, most company owners just get paralyzed, do nothing, and stay stuck where they are. Number two, no sales plan. If marketing is the fuel, sales are the spark that turns that fuel into the fire that powers the. In order for the machine to perform properly, you need to have the type and amount of fuel that the spark could handle, and you need to have enough spark to deliver the power that the machine demands based on its size.

In other words, you need to have enough sales people that are skilled enough to convert the sales that marketing brings in at the price you need to be profitable. Since most roofing contractors have ineffective sales processes that don’t allow them to sell for a higher price than their competi, And the process isn’t documented so it can be trained.

Most contractors just dream that the perfect sales person will walk through the door and make all their sales growth dreams come true. The chances of this happening are very unlikely because of reason number three. Number three, no people plan. We have a saying at roof coach that we preach to all of our clients.

Your level of freedom will be in direct proportion to the systems and processes you have implemented that can be easily operated by others. . The others that we refer to are the people that you can attract, hire, train, and retain. Finding training and keeping your team is the most important job you have as a manager and leader.

Yet most roofing contractors invest very little time finding and developing their team. Usually the only time spent is when they have to replace someone who quits or gets fired. Then scramble to replace them with whoever they can find. This is not the recipe for successful. Number four, you lack the skills to get to the next level.

There’s a great book titled, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. And the premise of the book is simple. Many small business owners start a business and through their sheer will and effort can get it to a certain level with the knowledge and skill that they have. Typically at that level is where they will stay unless one of two things happen, Number one.

There’s an economic or weather event that brings them a windfall of unexpected business, or number two, they acquire the knowledge or skills needed to get to the level they desire. Many contractors never learn this because they just don’t seek out help ego and pride deceive them into thinking that they should just know what to do and feel shame at admitting that they need help.

Sounds kind of foolish, doesn’t it? Would a doctor feel ashamed to go to medical school or an accountant for getting a degree in business administration? Knowing how to install a roof is just the price of entry. There are many, many other skills that need to be obtained if you wanna build a well oiled business that performs at the highest levels.

But here’s the good news, you’ve come to the right place. Our purpose at Roof Coach is to help roofing company owners get off the field and get into the owner’s box. We can teach you how to design your business to achieve your financial and lifestyle. If you’re ready to get unstuck, click the link on this page or visit www.roofbizhelp.com and schedule a discovery call with one of our representatives.

This short call will reveal issues that you might have in your company as well as some ideas that you might implement. It’ll also determine if roof coach is a fit for you. Best of all, there’s no fee for the initial consultation. If this sounds good, take the next step and click the link now.

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Congratulations! You are among the few in our industry who are not too proud to seek out knowledge to improve their company!

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Congratulations! You are among the few in our industry who are not too proud to seek out knowledge to improve their company!

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